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Super Street Fighter IV: Vr. 2012 Final Changes Now Up

November 30, 2011

So the final change log for the latest patch for Super Street Fighter 4 has been posted on Capcom Unity. This free patch will be available from the December 13 on Xbox live and the Playstation Network, there is confirmed PC patch but no date at this point.

Eventhubs has a simplified guide on all the changes to each character and the list of the alpha and beta (part 1 and Part2) changes. If the stuff from the alpha and beta changes isn’t in the final change log then it’s unlikely that they’ll be in the game, but we never know with Capcom.

What do you think about the changes? Good or bad? I know that I’m a little annoyed they took Ken’s combo in to sweep away, there was no need, not really sure what I’m going to do with the target combo being buffed, it’s weak anyway and the close standing medium isn’t super-cancelable so it just seems a bit of a waste; thanks for the feint and far standing roundhouse buff though. However I am looking forward to the buffs to Evil Ryu, he could be a viable character now and maybe fit my play style a little better, now that he’s got some more health. However Makoto hasn’t really been touched but just got a damage and life nerf and her EX-Karakusa’s hitbox has been nerfed to the light hitbox, so it’s tiny. No more clutches with that move then.

What about your characters, happy with the changes or are you just going to give up on this game and move on to UMC3, KOF XIII or Third Strike?

Hit the link here to check out Eventhubs write-up, or you could go straight to the spread sheet here.

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