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UMVC3: Vergil Video Round Up, First Edition

December 1, 2011

Similar to what I did for Nemesis, this will a little collection of videos to help people, and myself, with learning what you can do with Vergil on your team. Now Virgil seems very, very good at the moment but we all know how things can change in Marvel Vs. Capcom, but at the moment he seems a little similar to Dante in vanilla in terms of damage output etc, but he does have a lot of minus frame (dis)advantage on his moves.

For example, say after an air Dimension Slash you have to wait for him to put his sword away, and if you mess up the combo and miss that attack you’re just free for someone to get a combo, so you have to be on point with execution with this character. So not quite as good as vanilla Dante. However you can get an easy 1.2 million damage from his level 3 so what’s a little minus frames ay? He’s fast though and he has some good X-Factor combos that really hurt.
This is just what I’ve seen and my opinion, but be sure to correct me if I’ve got things wrong.

First up we’ve got an upload from Remixx2009, who shows off some tech and some nasty combos with and without assists in this, albeit a little corny, combo video.

Next up we have a video displaying loop capabilities without assists with Spiral Swords from Agentslydog. He breaks it down depending how much metre you’re willing to spend and considering that metre is harder to gain in this game you should always be keeping a watchful eye on that metre gauge so you don’t get caught out trying to do a combo you haven’t got metre for.

Here are a couple of videos from XusesGB. He goes through, extensively, Vergil’s basics to advanced combos and what to do when you’re down to just lonesome Vergil and some level 3 X-Factor to burn. Make sure to check out his channel and prepare to learn a lot.

And finally, for all the new comers who just picked up the game, and think Vergil looks cool, here’s a neat video from Vesper Arcade showing you timing and execution for all his missions in mission mode, which is really helpful if you’re just starting out.

I’ll post more videos if and when I find them for my team (Vergil, Dante, Nemesis) just as a guide for me and other people looking to learn them. Now get in the lab and activate that devil trigger, let’s go!

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